Long Island & NYC Business Enterprise Video Distribution Systems

To take the technology in your commercial facility to the next level, a video distribution system makes just the right kind of impression. Perfect for corporate facilities, stadiums, universities, bars, restaurants, and arenas from Manhattan to Nassau County, these scalable systems can be tailored to fit any requirements. When integrated with a Total Office Control or commercial automation system, video distribution can be easily controlled from a universal remote control, tablet, smartphone, or a wall-mount touchscreen system.

Video and television distributions system solutions offered by Oakwood Automation Systems allow the business owner to capture, store, and distribute video content via an integrated network of media solutions. These networks support pre-recorded video, TV signals, or live video. By integrating this impressive technology with intuitive interfaces, the administrator is able to control incoming video and TV signals, and selective determine where to project them. They can be projected to any display, PC, television, or projector in the facility, all with the touch of a button on a separate, or universal controller.

On-Demand Video Access

Whether in a Long Island sports bar, or a Manhattan corporate facility, visual aids are a fantastic way to make a great impression, and better integrate multimedia technology into the customer, client, and employee experience. With on-demand video access, organizations are able to store all of their video files in a cloud storage system, or other central storage system, for instant playback at any time. These on-demand systems support both unicast and multicast, and nearly all industry standard video file formats, plus audio files.

Flexible and Scalable

Already have an existing video infrastructure, but want to add video distribution to the mix? Solutions by Oakwood Automation Systems are able to build on existing audio and visual infrastructure, thereby simplifying installation, and reducing costs in deploying your commercial facility’s video content management system.

Available Video Distribution Products

In addition to video distribution-specific gear, Oakwood Automation Systems is able to completely outfit your facility from scratch, if required, with full whole office audio systems, monitors and screens, televisions, networks, and Total Office Control. The range of available video distribution products includes, but are not limited to:

  • Video Distribution Management Appliances
  • Video Distribution Transmitters—Digital video broadcasting, terrestrial tuner transmitters, compatible with Ethernet, network, and multicast distribution.
  • Video Distribution Receivers—Standard and high definition receivers.
  • Remote Controls and Accessories—Fully able to be integrated with any full commercial automation system.

To learn more about improving the image, and quality of your business, whether a small Manhattan bar or a gigantic Suffolk County warehouse, with a scalable video distribution system, contact Oakwood Automation Systems today.

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We are so pleased to be able to monitor our home while we are away from our phones and laptops. Now when I am at work or on vacation I can see what is going on all around the house.

-Jola K Huntington NY, 05.25.2011

I knew there must be a way that I could monitor and control my second home while I was traveling. Oakwood Automation customized a project to do exactly that and much more. From my phone I see video of who is at the front door, and get alerted anytime that someone opens the door.

-Jeffrey Gross - West Hampton NY, 08.25.2010