'We are now able to monitor our home with our laptop & smart phone while we're away or at work.'
Jola K.
'I am now able to monitor our home, turn lights on and off and control heating and AC remotely. '
Dr. James N. Macri
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Smart Home Access Control means you customize how your home is accessed, anytime anywhere. Get rid of your keys and discover the many convenient access options OAS has to offer

A smarter home means a more convenient home. We'll show you how our access control solutions can make your life a whole lot easier.

There's no such thing as too safe, especially when it comes to your family and possessions. OAS offers the safest home access technology on the market.

If you thought you couldn't afford the most revolutionary home access technology around, think again. OAS will show you why you can get the highest quality for a competitive price.

"This is the simplest home access technology on the market. We can literally control everything right from our smartphone. I'm more confident in the safety of my family and my property thanks to OAS."

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Here's Why Smart Home Access Control is the Future

There are a number of different options you can choose from when deciding precisely how your home may be accessed, when, from where and by whom. One thing they all have in common though is it is faster, safer and more convenient. We'll show you why more and more homes are going with OAS Smart Home Access Control

What are the Benefits of Total Access Control?

As the leader in the Long Island, New York area for Smart Home technologies, and as one of the most respected names in the entire industry, OAS is proud to offer the simplest and most customizable solution around for complete access and control over you home.

  • - We offer a number of entry options for any door of your house, from fingerprint recognition to key pads, sensors and remote locks. The same is true for the garage door and any entrance point.
  • - Lights that turn on at your entrance the second you get to the driveway, garage doors that open without pushing a button because our system "knows" when your car pulls in. Reset and customize any of these options any time you want
  • - All of this can be done from a simple and intuitive interface that you can access from a smartphone, PC, Tablet, laptop or nearly any other electronic device.
  • - Because this system is almost completely wireless, you save money on installation.
  • - Need to let the cable guy in? Not a problem. Kids for get the code to the door? Open it from the office. Don't worry about whether you remembered your keys ever again. The possibilities are almost endless.

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OAS is Convenience for the Next Century

True, not many complain about the hassle of turning a key to get inside... but what about when you forget your key? Or if you have the keys and the wife or kids don't? What if you forget to lock the door, or worse you leave children or pets at home with the doors unlocked? Stop worrying. Smart Home Access Control means your smart home "knows" when it is you or a family member at the door, and when it is someone else. Worrying about locking and unlocking your entrance points is a thing of the past.

If You Don't Have Total Access Control, You're Not as Safe as You Think

With the OAS system you get piece of mind knowing that your family and belongings are that much safer. You can't pick a key code or fake a fingerprint. What you can do is track when others are trying to get in your home however. And combine the OAS Access Control with our Smart Home Security and your house is a figurative fortress.

Your lights will turn on the second you get to the door, so don't fumble around in the dark for a light switch. Sensors know who is there, and who shouldn't be there. Our team can take you through, step by step, all of the amazing features and benefits of OAS Smart Home Access Control.

Quality Access Control Made Affordable

We offer some of the most advanced access control features on the market, along with a line of top-tier Smart Home solutions in every department. All of this combined with the convenience of an interface so simple anyone can use it, and the ability to control all points of your home with your smartphone, laptop or nearly any electronic device, you would think installing Smart Home solutions would cost a fortune.

We save you money because there is little to no rewiring of your home. Almost all of the OAS technologies are wireless. Combine that with the money-saving features of our climate control technology and you may actually be saving money over time.

Compare the quality and convenience of our features to the competition, than compare our prices. It's no wonder OAS is the top choice for Smart Home Access Control.

Why OAS?

OAS is a complete Smart Home company offering some of the most advanced technologies across the spectrum of Smart Home departments. Whether you need smart lighting, more efficient money-saving climate control, whole home audio, security systems or access control OAS brings you the very best on the market. More than that though, OAS makes all of these advanced features so simple to use that nearly anyone can control anything in the home at any time.

We integrate our solutions with wireless electronic devices. That means little to no rewiring and faster installation. It also means you can control all of these great features from the palm of your hand, anywhere in the world with your smartphone, laptop, Tablet or any other electronic device.

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