'We are now able to monitor our home with our laptop & smart phone while we're away or at work.'
Jola K.
'I am now able to monitor our home, turn lights on and off and control heating and AC remotely. '
Dr. James N. Macri
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  • Find out why the OAS Smart Home climate control system is the most convenient on the market, and learn about the many other benefits of Smart Home temperature and climate control.

  • Not only will you have the most comfortable home on the block, but a smart home climate control system is actually safer. Discover how your smart home really is watching out for you and your family.

  • You will save tons of money on your energy bills when you convert your home to a smart home. More accurate temperature readings, adjust the temperature fast and easy when you are gone or depending what room you are in, and more.

  • Along with enjoying a more comfortable, more cost effective home, you will be helping the environment. OAS is proud to do our part, and help you do yours when it comes to conserving energy and reducing our impact on the environment.

  • "I never knew all of the benefits of a smart home climate control system until I contacted OAS. Now that it is installed I don't know how we ever lived without it. It’s easy to use and we’re saving a lot of money on energy."

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Intelligent Climate Control Made Easy

In the past many Smart Homes featured climate control with limited options or confusing interfaces that were hard to adjust. OAS climate control is one of the most intuitive on the market, and you get a full spectrum of money-saving convenient options making for a more efficient and more comfortable home. You will be able to adjust all of your settings just by pressing a few buttons on your smartphone, PC, Tablet or other electronic device. You can control your settings from anywhere you can use a smartphone.

Advantages of OAS Climate Control

A more comfortable home, adjusted to the precise temperature you want at any given time, is just one of the many benefits of the OAS system.

  • - Set heating or cooling on a schedule, adjust it for different rooms, like a den, wine cellar, bedroom, wherever you want and whatever temperature you need. Change the settings fast and easy.
  • - Do all of this from a smartphone, laptop, PC or wall-mount. You can even adjust your setting when you are away, do so from anywhere you can use your smartphone. And because OAS climate control is almost completely wireless you won't have to worry about costly installation.
  • - Save tons of money by turning off your heating or cooling system while you’re on vacation, then a few hours before you get home turn it back on so that your home is nice and comfortable when you arrive. Never wait for your heat to come on, or wait for it to get cool in the house again!

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Smart Climate Control is Safer than Traditional Systems

With old climate control systems much of the electricity flowing into your home is wasted, and worse this can also cause shortages and other problems. Your heating and cooling are two of your biggest energy consumers. A Smart Home can monitor the electricity flowing into your home and adjust accordingly avoiding short circuits and surges. In addition OAS climate control can monitor carbon monoxide, gas leaks and can notify those in the home at the first sign of smoke, keeping you and your family safer.

Climate Control from OAS Can Save You Cash!

Every year families waste thousands on expensive heating and cooling. One of the best ways to cut down on your energy costs is by installing a Smart Home climate control system. A smart system can adjust automatically when you walk in the door or even when you enter a specific room, than change back to previous settings when you leave meaning you waste a lot less money heating and cooling. In addition you can set your temperature on a timer so you never have to worry about turning it up or down before leaving.

Along with making a more comfortable and more efficient home, OAS can save you money on installation. Unlike many other Smart Home companies, OAS is almost completely wireless so there is little, and no some cases no expensive rewiring.

Save the Environment While Enjoying a More Comfortable Home

Incorporating many of the Smart Home solutions can decrease a home's impact on the environment while at the same time making that home more comfortable and saving money. With an OAS Smart Home you will be using energy more efficiently; preserving fossil fuels and natural fuel sources and while giving off fewer pollutants.

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Learn More About OAS Smart Homes

OAS is a well-trusted complete home automation solution in the Long Island area and serving customers all over. We have a reputation for some of the most intuitive and easy to use automated home solutions on the market. Along with creating more convenient and more efficient homes, we’ve integrated all of our systems so that they will operate almost completely wirelessly. You can control any portion of your home right from your smartphone, PC, tablet or any other electronic device. Because there is little costly rewiring you get one of the top complete Smart Home solutions for a very competitive price. OAS does more than climate control however. Ask about our audio solutions, lighting, automated home security, sensors and our range of other services, all easy to integrate, all easy to use.

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