'Thanks to Oakwood Automation we now have a fully automated home. We can control everything remotely via smartphone. The price was fair and the support is great. '
Jeff G. Mineola NY
'Oakwood Automation automated our lighting and installed a whole house audio system for us. We are extremely happy with the work and continued support.'
Linda K Southampton NY
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  • Total Smart Home Solution Made Easy - We think too many of the smart house solutions are nothing more than a remote for lights and maybe your audio systems. Get everything from temperature controls to advanced sensor settings. Find out more with a FREE consultation.

  • Secure Your Home - You can't put a price tag on your keepsakes and family, but we’ve made our solution affordable all the same. Find out how a Smart Home is a safe home.

  • Cost to You - We believe we offer the highest quality technology for a very fair price, even less because there is little or no rewiring. Plus find out how automating your home can save money on your energy bill.

  • Easiest Smart Home on the Market - Do everything and anything from your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC or other electronic device. And you’ll be amazed at how easy to use our interface is.

  • "I really didn't believe such great technology would be easy to use. I literally learned how to use it in minutes. I couldn't be happier with Oakwood Automation Systems." Learn how we keep it easy and intuitive

  • Built for You - Our home automation system is fully customizable. Get the entire Smart Home solution or automate a few key areas, and change your settings at any time.

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So What is a Smart Home?

A Smart House can be a lot of things. The OAS automation system is completely customizable, from sensors that turn on lights or audio when you walk through the door, or that change lighting based on a timer or the amount of light in the home, to full temperature controls and even video surveillance. And the OAS system is almost completely wireless.

Get a Fully Automated Home of the Future!

There are a lot of home automation companies that really don’t offer much when you get right down to it. With us you get the most advanced technology, truly made for a new generation of Smart Homes. You can customize for only a few of these options, or get them all—and change your mind whenever you want!

  • Lighting – Most companies let you adjust lights, put them on a timer setting, even dim or brighten your lights. We offer much more. Sensors that can tell when you’re home, open or close blinds according to your specifications and automatically, and much more. You will save money, and having automated lighting is also a huge deterrent for criminals.
  • Video Surveillance – Safety is paramount, but who has time to sit in front of their home computer and watch the front door all day? Check video surveillance anytime and anywhere with OAS.
  • Temperature Controls – Conventionally you have either a timer option, temperature setting option, or you have to do it manually. Save time and money while staying more comfortable with a fully automated temperature control you set however you like.
  • Audio – Your entire music library is right at you fingertips with OAS. Completely customizable. Select music choices on command, turn audio up or down in rooms automatically with the help of sensors, whatever you want!
  • Keyless entry, locks, garage doors and more – Find out how keyless entry can be safer. Open, close and lock garage doors from anywhere? Not sure if you locked up before you left? Don’t drive all the way home, or spend your time worrying. A button on your Smartphone will solve your problem.
  • Sensors – What good is a Smart Home if you have to tell it everything? Use sensors for a wide range of convenient functions. They can turn the temperature up or down automatically when you walk in the door according to your preference. Alert you of an intruder. Turn on lights. Open blinds. Find out more by signing up for a free consultation!
  • Sprinklers – Never go searching for your sprinkler control again! You can set timers right from your Smartphone or whichever electronic devices you choose to access our interface from!

Your imagination is the limit with OAS Smart Homes! Plus changing your preferences couldn’t be easier. Sign up for a FREE consultation to learn more!

Don't Leave Your Family’s Safety to Chance!

Security professionals know that features like timed lighting, or better sensor lighting, video surveillance and sensor monitoring are key deterrents for criminals and one of the best ways to keep your family and possessions safe. With the OAS system set sensors and check surveillance anytime, anywhere. Or have everything pre-programmed! That’s what Smart Homes are all about. Never settle for a smart house company that offers any less!/p>

Save Time, Save Money Get Rid of the Wires!

Everyone knows heating and cooling are the two biggest energy consumers, and how many people really remember to turn off the lights every single time? Take the thought out of all of these energy saving tasks with a Smart Home. Sensors can determine the temperature and adjust accordingly. Lights and blinds almost "magically" know when you need them!

And because OAS automation is practically completely wireless installation is very competitively priced. Save on installation than save on your energy bills!

Skeptical How Simple We Can Make It?

We understand. Far too many "Smart Home Solutions" are anything but simple—wires everywhere, limited options for customization, endless calls to the company for a technician to fix this or that, plus an interface only a rocket scientist could understand. All of that is over with OAS! If you can use a cell phone you can use our completely automated Smart Home interface! And you can control everything from anywhere you can use a cell phone or laptop.

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Don't Get Stuck With a One-Size-Fits-All

Is a Smart Home really smart if it just does the exact same thing for everyone? We don’t think so. We make sure that you are in full control; customize every single aspect of your smart house anyway you want. Want to begin with only a few automated features and add more lately? No problem. Decide something is better off not automated? We have you covered. Literally our solution is completely custom-made for you. And we make it simple for you to change anytime, anywhere and anyway you want!

So Why Choose OAS?

We're not the only Home Automation company; just the best. We offer a faster and simpler automation system, with more features, more options, all fully customizable, while at the same time keeping the controls so simple that nearly anyone in your household will be able to learn how to control the various options in no time flat.

We are also almost completely wireless. So while other companies are pulling out sockets and splicing wires, you're happily setting the temperature or performing any number of other functions from your Smartphone just about anywhere you can connect to the internet.

And wireless will save you tons on installation. We go to great lengths to keep our prices competitive, even while offering the most state-of-the-art solutions.

Sign up for a FREE consultation today and find out how to save on installation today, and save on energy costs for years to come!

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