'We are now able to monitor our home with our laptop & smart phone while we're away or at work.'
Jola K.
'I am now able to monitor our home, turn lights on and off and control heating and AC remotely. '
Dr. James N. Macri
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  • What if you could play any song on your playlist anytime and from any room of your home with the simple press of a button? No, you don't need a separate stereo for each room or half a dozen remotes, and you don't need to blast the volume in your living room to hear it in the kitchen. Discover the benefits of smart home audio.

  • The world is evolving, and so is your home. Play any song you like, with nearly any device in about the time it takes to think "I'd like to hear..."

  • There are other home audio solutions, but nothing this intuitive, convenient and completely customizable. You aren't chained to any specific format either, CD's, MP3's, whatever you have in your music library.

  • Installing a complete home audio solution isn't just for the extremely wealthy anymore. OAS offers the highest quality, most advanced yet intuitive home audio solution for less than you may think.

  • "Since installing our OAS Smart Home Audio System listening to music anytime, anywhere in the home is so much easier. It's like our old system was the 8-track of home audio and we suddenly upgraded to digital... except better."

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Don't Imagine the Difference, Listen to It

Music is one of the things that makes life worth living. How much more would you enjoy life if all of the music you love was at your fingertips? We’re not talking about a remote for your stereo; we're talking about integrating your playlist right on your Smartphone or any electronic device, then throughout your entire home. You will be able to choose any song on your list anytime you like, play it in every room or only the room you are in. Play different music in different rooms. Adjust the volume without getting up or even being there. In fact, you don't have to be home at all. It really is that simple. An OAS Smart Home Audio system is perfect for parties, gatherings and other occasions of course, but once we’ve installed your system you will quickly realize it's simply perfect… no occasions needed.

As Easy as Using Your iPod. Or easier.

You can customize your Smart Home Audio from OAS however you like. This is some of what we can do for you:

  • – Allow you to access your entire playlist, regardless of the format, from a Smartphone, laptop, home computer, Tablet, wall mount, just about anything.
  • – From here choose the song you like, what room or rooms to hear it in, the volume all of the features you used to have to walk to your audio system and adjust manually included right in the palm of your hand.
  • – We can give you the option of listening to different music in different rooms, independently controlled or controlled from a single device.
  • – You will even be able to set timers to turn your audio on and off at specific times, or use sensors so our Smart Home Audio knows when you walked in the door and will begin playing.

All of this, and all from an intuitive and simple interface. If you know how to work a stereo or an iPod you can use our system.

If they put your life to music, what would it sound like? Kind of like that except you choose the music. Sign up for a FREE consultation to learn more!

Why is OAS the Smartest Smart Home Audio Solution?

For decades now other companies have been installing complete home audio solutions; and these have been cumbersome, confusing and in constant need of maintenance. You may find that most who have them never even use them in fear of "messing something up" and having to call the company to fix it once again. Or because they just don’t understand how their own system works. And they pay for it too, that is the biggest tragedy. Not anymore. We offer literally every customizable option known to man when it comes to your home audio system, and we do it without rewiring your entire house (it is almost completely wireless) and with an interface anyone can use. You are not limited to one format or another either. We can integrate nearly any music format so you play what you want when you want from this system.

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"Aren't Smart Whole Home Audio Systems Expensive?"

The most revolutionary force driving the success of OAS Smart Home solutions, next to the actual technology and the ability to control everything wirelessly from a Smartphone or other electronic device, anywhere in the world, is that we've streamlined it so that almost anyone can afford it. Because it is wireless there is very little installation. Combine the convenient features of a Smart Home whole home audio system with money-saving features like Smart Home temperature controls and you may even save money over time.

For our whole home audio system, go ahead and compare the features offered by the competition, and see how much better our solution is despite the competitive pricing.

Who is OAS?

We are the complete Smart Home wizards, bringing houses just like yours into the next century every single day. We are the most trusted name in Smart Home solutions, including whole home audio, in the Long Island area and all over the country. Intuitive, simple, yet highly advanced Smart Homes priced competitively is what we are all about.

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