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Home Automation and Smart Home Technology in NYC

Oakwood is the top provider of advanced home automation and smart home technology in the Long Island area.

Home automation and smart home technology systems have come a long way since you were watching an episode of the Jetsons and wishing your home worked like that. Today the future technologies that make homes simpler, more efficient, more comfortable, and a whole lot cooler has become a reality. Oakwood can install an intuitive system for your home that you will love.

Home automation control systems bring together all of your smart home technologies including televisions, home theaters, sound systems, lighting, temperature control, really everything you can imagine, and it allows users to control all of these systems from convenient locations in the home, on a smart phone, even online from anywhere. Many customers simply can’t believe everything a modern system can do.

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  • What are the benefits of a home automation and smart home technology system?

    Really the possibilities are endless, but just to name a few things: turn the climate control on and off remotely if you are going to be out of the home for an extended period and forget to before you leave, with the press of a button get your home to the perfect temperature again before you even open the door, turn on the television, the stereo, and lights before you get there, turn them off again remotely as you leave, instead of controls for various lights, entertainment systems, and the climate only accessible from specific areas in the home, get to it all at one from a single easy location including a remote set up for this purpose or a smart phone. Everything can be integrated through the internet today.

    This kind of system is incredibly convenient. It can also save you money on your utility bills because everything can be programmed with a push of a button or a timer. Forgetting to turn things off will no longer be an issue. In addition users can program specific settings. Hit the “Home” button and maybe your lights and the television will come on, or the temperature will be set to just the right temperature. The possibilities are endless.

  • Oakwood is your source for advanced and easy-to-use home automation and smart home technologies in New York

    We have all of the most intuitive and most advanced home automation systems. Our team is trained to ensure your system is easy to use and can do everything you need it to do. We know that ease of use is almost as important or just as important as the functionality, that’s why more home owners in Long Island come to us.

Home Automation

Visit our store today, or browse our home automation and home technology systems on our website. You won’t believe what modern systems are able to do.

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“Jim and his team delivered as promised and were always polite and professional. Our project was quite a large rebuild and renovation. Jim walked us through the whole process, completed the job in a timely manner, kept to the budget and continues to be there at all times of the day and night if we should have any questions.”

Elyse Blechman

“When I was in need to have my security system updated, I contacted Saul from Oakwood Automation. He went out of his way to explain to me what I need and was always available on a 24 hour basis to answer and question I might have. This new system they installed was just the thing I wanted”

Frederick Engel

“Just finished my new home construction and Oakwood Automation did an incredible job with my home audio system, in ceiling speakers, automation preparation and more! They came when the walls were open, ran their cabling, guided me on which speakers would suit each space best”

Jeffrey Gross

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