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If your lighting system is not automated, you may be throwing money down the drain.

Automated lighting systems are no longer a thing of the future, there here, affordable, and you won’t believe how quick and convenient they are to install when you go to a professional who specializes in Automation Systems.

More importantly perhaps, you can save a whole lot of money with an automated lighting system.

How much lower would your electric bill be if you could remember to turn the lights off every time? If you lights only came on when you need them?

Home owners are often surprised. Stop by Oakwood Automation today to find out how much money you and your family can save.

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  • What about safety?

    Another area where an automated lighting system may be a huge benefit for residents and businesses around Long Island and through New York is safety. Automated lighting can be a huge deterrent for criminals. Timed lighting that shuts on and off whether your home or whether your business is open or not will often stop any criminal activity or vandalism before it happens. It’s hard to put a price on preventing criminal activity in your home or your business.

  • What types of automated lighting are there?

    You may be surprised by the selection of automated lights that are available including timed lights, lights that are motion activated, and lights that turn on or off automatically depending on the amount of light for maximum convenience. And every light can be programmed precisely to your specifications.

    • Lights can be set to turn on when they detect an intruder
    • They can be set to turn on automatically when someone enters a room
    • They can then automatically turn off when someone leaves
    • They can be set to a timer
    • They can detect the amount of light to turn on as needed automatically
    • They can even dim or get brighter according to the amount of light detected
    • And a whole lot more
  • Where should I go for lighting control or automated lighting in New York?

    Oakwood Automated Systems is the most trusted name in NYC for automated lighting and other automated systems for the home and for business. For automated lighting that works the right way every time, installed quickly and for the right price, there is not better place to go than Oakwood Automated Systems.

Lighting Control

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