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Entertaining outdoors in NYC is year-round, and only slightly weather dependent. Whether caroling during the holiday season, or grilling in the summer, any clear, sunny day is fair game for outdoor enjoyment. As such, it’s important to have a sound system that respects your love for the great outdoors, with full landscape audio. What could be better? Connect your landscape audio system to your NYC or Long Island whole house audio system for Total Residential Home Automation.




Simple and elegant, outdoor speakers from NUVO were made for those who love to entertain outside. Whether the intended use is your Manhattan balcony or rooftop terrace, or a large Long Island lawn, these powerful, yet compact speakers are perfect for all climates. Try the AccentPLUS loudspeaker range for powerful landscape audio, or the AccentPLUS Outdoor Rock Speaker range, for exceptional sound—that NUVO has designed to be heard, and not seen.




Designed to perform exceptionally in any and all weather conditions, even a Long Island winter blizzard, SpeakerCraft landscape audio is a perfect choice. These speakers blend perfectly with their surroundings, and have durable U.V. resistant, and weather resistant lacquer coating for superior durability. The Outdoor Elements, Ruckus, and OG outdoor speaker product lines offer a range of speaker styles, ideal for anyone from the serious listener, to the weekend gardener.


The Outdoor Elements range offers high fidelity sound and serious speakers, perfect for the garage, yard, deck, or even to blast music for the entire neighborhood. The Ruckus series is designed to blend in with the natural environment, with speakers disguised as rocks. Lastly, the OG Three is a small speaker designed to look like a standard exterior light, and can be staked into the ground just about anywhere. It is easily paintable, meaning you can customize it to match any décor.




For a full range of impeccably executed outdoor sound systems, the industry leader is clearly Sonance. The Sonance Landscape Series (SLS), a scalable outdoor speaker system designed for even sound coverage and incredible audio, consists of small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers—completely hidden from sight amongst foliage or landscaping.


The SONARRAY SR1 System is perfect for spaces up to 2,000 sq. ft., and comes with eight satellite speakers and an underground subwoofer. The Rocks line of outdoor speakers blend in perfectly in any outdoor setting by, well, appearing to be rocks! The Mariners series is designed for extremely damp conditions, such as Suffolk County or Nassau County seaside living, while the Extreme series is meant for in-wall and in-ceiling placement in demanding marine conditions.




The line of wireless products form Sonos offer Hi-Fi sound, and incredible wireless performance. With speakers and subs all operating at the touch of a button on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, or PC device (when using a Sonos Controller App) it’s easy to change songs, or pump up the volume from anywhere in the house or the yard. Expandable and versatile, Sonos is a fantastic option for wireless sound solutions.


Enjoy outdoor entertaining all year long with incredible sound, and complete climate resistance. Ask Oakwood Automation Systems how to blend whole house audio systems with landscape audio.





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We are so pleased to be able to monitor our home while we are away from our phones and laptops. Now when I am at work or on vacation I can see what is going on all around the house.

-Jola K Huntington NY, 05.25.2011

I knew there must be a way that I could monitor and control my second home while I was traveling. Oakwood Automation customized a project to do exactly that and much more. From my phone I see video of who is at the front door, and get alerted anytime that someone opens the door.

-Jeffrey Gross - West Hampton NY, 08.25.2010