Long Island & NYC Residential Home Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Controls


It would seem silly to get up, and manually change the TV channel—so why are people so willing to walk all around the house just to switch the lights on and off? At the end of a long day, wouldn’t you prefer to switch off the lights in your Manhattan apartment, or your Suffolk County family home, without having to leave the comfort of your bed? Lighting Controls are about more than just convenience, they are a great way to save energy (and therefore money), and increase home safety too.


URC Total Control


URC Total Control lighting control systems use lighting control switches and dimmers, which are managed directly through your remote control, smartphone, or tablet device. They can be set to go on and off with automatic timers, which saves energy, and makes your residence more secure. Not only is it convenient to have indoor and outdoor automated lighting, but it’s a money saver, as dimming lights by just 25% means 20% energy savings.




Whether looking to increase the value of your residence, or your own personal enjoyment of your home, Leviton Lighting Automation is a great way to gain peace of mind, and save energy too. Leviton offers several lighting solutions, made for different types of NYC residences and requirements.


Vizia RF Lighting Controls systems use Z-Wave radio frequency technology to give you one-touch control over appliances, lights, timed events, and more. The HLC product line of switches, dimmers, remote controls, and plug-in modules can be used on one light, or every light in the house. It’s a great way to grow with your lighting controls. The Omni-Bus Lighting network is an excellent all-around solution.




The people at Lutron believe that by limiting residential lighting to ‘on’ and ‘off,’ the homeowner is only getting a small portion out of his or her home lighting system’s real value. Systems from Lutron offer keypad control and remote control, and systems not only are smart enough to remember your favorite settings, but to automate fans, timers, occupancy sensors, and shading solutions.


Going beyond simply dimming the lights, Lutron offers real solutions to everyday NYC problems, like Residential Smart Grid Solutions, to automatically reduce home energy use during peak demand periods when prices go up. Outfit anywhere from a single room, to the whole home for true total home automation integration and connectivity.


Z-Wave Lighting


Z-Wave offers a large selection of interoperable products, meaning products from many different brands work together, to assist in automating your residence. With products like the Dimmer Accessory Switch with local and remote programmable control, the On/Off Plug with metering to assist in avoiding overload wattage, the Mini Energy Dimmer to monitor energy consumption, and the Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Relay Control for outdoor lighting control, Z-Wave is the perfect energy-saving, home automation solution for your residence—both inside and out.




Take total control of home lighting controls and energy consumption with the range of products from Homeseer. Offering controllers, appliance modules, dimming lamp modules, dimming wall switches, on/off wall switches, micro switches, fixture modules, and receptacles, every possible accessory is available for installation in your home. Monitor and control lighting in your NYC residence with one of Homeseer’s handheld remotes, or connect with a Total Home Automation system, and utilize your control method of choice, from smartphones and tablets to home PCs.


With so many ways to make your NYC or Long Island home more efficient, why not get started with lighting controls from Oakwood Automation Systems, today!?

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We are so pleased to be able to monitor our home while we are away from our phones and laptops. Now when I am at work or on vacation I can see what is going on all around the house.

-Jola K Huntington NY, 05.25.2011

I knew there must be a way that I could monitor and control my second home while I was traveling. Oakwood Automation customized a project to do exactly that and much more. From my phone I see video of who is at the front door, and get alerted anytime that someone opens the door.

-Jeffrey Gross - West Hampton NY, 08.25.2010