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When it comes to networking and wireless at home, everyone wants seamless, easy to operate, superior connectivity. When integrating your NYC or Long Island home’s functions in a total home automation system, starting with a great wireless network is fundamental. No matter whether you live in a Manhattan apartment, or Nassau County house, top connectivity allows you to enjoy your home more, from entertainment to security features.


At Oakwood Automation Systems, we proudly recommend, provide, and install the following systems:




The genius behind Pakedge is a clear goal toward networking and wireless systems that are increasingly simple to use. With a wide range of wireless, networking, infrastructure, gateway appliance, intelligent power distribution units, and cloud technology solutions on offer, this is the perfect foundation for advanced Total Home Automation systems.


Featured products from Pakedge like the BAKPAK® & NP36 Network Patroller smartphone and web application use a cloud-based network to provide remote alerts, management, and visibility of networking and wireless systems. This means that no matter where you are in the house, or the world, you are able to manage and monitor a fully integrated A/V network through your IOS, Android, or desktop web browser.




For cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, powerful Wi-Fi and wired networking products, Luxul is an industry leader. Simple networking and wireless residential systems by Luxul offer an optimized and simplified complete network installation process, Wi-Fi coverage increased by 400% over others on the market, and a reduction in installation, maintenance, and infrastructure costs.


The X-WAV Antennas implement is a key product from Luxul. It uses Circular Polarization to increase signal penetration through objects and obstacles, all while increasing wireless coverage and reducing interference. Other popular products include high-performance routers, high-power access points for wall and ceiling mount, managed switches for optimizing and securing your network, unmanaged switches, PoE switches, and more.




As one of the most trusted and recognized duos in wireless internet technology, Linksys

and Cisco provide easy-to-use home networking and wireless solutions. New technologies like Linksys Smart Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Routers enable users to access their home network anytime and anywhere, via mobile App technology.


All home devices are easily manageable and connected through Cisco Connect, for user-friendly home network management. Connect to the future of information management with features like the Cisco Connect Cloud, and access your home network from anywhere the world over. With a wide range of routers, gateways and modems, access points, adapters, range extenders, bridges, switches, and cameras, there are nearly infinite ways to maximize your residence’s networking and wireless connectivity potential.




Offering superior ongoing support and incredible home interconnectedness, Netgear is the perfect, all-around, home networking and wireless connectivity choice. With a range of home networking, entertainment streaming, video monitoring, and storage technology options, Netgear systems integrate perfectly into any NYC Total Home Automation system.


From routers and Wi-Fi gear to streaming entertainment, everything your home could possibly need online is easy to access. Life is not only better, it’s safer with home video monitoring technology, accessible from anywhere on the planet. Create a mobile network, control your life with Apps for a world of control and capability, or turbo-charge your home network with 11ac for one of the world’s fastest, smoothest, home connections.


For incredible networking and wireless capabilities at home in NYC and Long Island, talk to us at Oakwood Automation Systems.




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We are so pleased to be able to monitor our home while we are away from our phones and laptops. Now when I am at work or on vacation I can see what is going on all around the house.

-Jola K Huntington NY, 05.25.2011

I knew there must be a way that I could monitor and control my second home while I was traveling. Oakwood Automation customized a project to do exactly that and much more. From my phone I see video of who is at the front door, and get alerted anytime that someone opens the door.

-Jeffrey Gross - West Hampton NY, 08.25.2010