Long Island & NYC Vanishing TV’s (Art covered or Mirror TV’s)

Vanishing TVs


The latest in television technology is truly mind-blowing, from evolving Smart TVs to home 3D television technology. However, in NYC, residents spend a lot of time and money perfecting the décor in their havens, and don’t always want the vibe ruined by an unsightly (though entertaining) television set. With flat-screen TVs, came the ability to hang the TV on the wall—but what’s the next evolutionary step?


Today, thanks to companies like Seura and Vutec, available through Oakwood Automation Systems, it’s entirely possible to enjoy your TV, then make it vanish entirely. With vanishing art and mirror televisions, the TV no longer has to be the centerpiece of your Manhattan apartment, or the talking piece of your Long Island home. Discretely, and easily hide TVs in the bathroom mirror, in the kitchen, or above the mantel, with vanishing TV technology.




Fully customizable vanishing and mirror TVs, are an innovative product from Seura. Featuring the Premier Series, these televisions have gorgeous, sharp picture when turned on, but when turned off, the screen completely vanishes. All that appears to be in its place is a flawless, color-accurate reflection. With more than 100 frames to choose from, no one would ever know it was a TV—until you show it off of course!


Choose screen sizes from 32” – 65”, and enjoy the technology behind top-positioned connections, meaning the incredibly flat screen stays flat, with no cables or wires in the way. The idea is to preserve the integrity of your décor, whether an Art Deco Manhattan loft, or a classic country home in Long Island. Waterproof remote controls are even available, for outdoor and bathroom installations.


Vutec Art Frames


Do you have more of an artistic flair? What if it were possible for your television to disappear behind a gorgeous work of art? That’s the genius behind Vutec Art Frames. With the simple touch of a button on a remote control, universal remote, smartphone, or tablet device (if you have Residential Home Automation for your entertainment system) it’s entirely possible to transform your television screen into a piece of art. The artwork ascends or descends within the ‘frame,’ and instead of a TV, you see an art reproduction, personalized art, custom artwork, or personal photographs.


For an even more impressive party trick, try the SoundScape 360 with surround sound speaker technology built right into the frame, or choose from the variety of DecoFrame™ options, to find the high art color and style match that’s just right for your NYC home. Compliment the décor with a SilverStar™ SSX, with its sleek screen and ultra slim frame, for vivid colors, top picture quality, and wide viewing, or try the Theater Art System Multi-Plex, the CES 2013 Product of the Year, for cinema-quality home theatre entertainment.


Keep true to your home’s design aesthetic with vanishing TVs from Seura and Vutec, from Oakwood Automation Systems.

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We are so pleased to be able to monitor our home while we are away from our phones and laptops. Now when I am at work or on vacation I can see what is going on all around the house.

-Jola K Huntington NY, 05.25.2011

I knew there must be a way that I could monitor and control my second home while I was traveling. Oakwood Automation customized a project to do exactly that and much more. From my phone I see video of who is at the front door, and get alerted anytime that someone opens the door.

-Jeffrey Gross - West Hampton NY, 08.25.2010