'We are now able to monitor our home with our laptop & smart phone while we're away or at work.'
Jola K.
'I am now able to monitor our home, turn lights on and off and control heating and AC remotely. '
Dr. James N. Macri
Long Island Smart Phone Home Automation
  • What if you could, with the press of a button turn your lights on from half way around the world? Or from the same device unlock the front door because your spouse forgot the keys? Or double check your security cameras while you're away on business and the wife and kids are home alone? It’s not science fiction.

  • Discover what the wireless revolution is doing for home automation, and how an intuitive, user-friendly interface accessed through a smart phone, PC, laptop, Tablet or nearly any device is making homes more convenient, safer, more efficient, smarter.

  • Turning your home lights on or off from the office is a neat trick. Controlling every aspect of your home from anywhere in the world is an OAS Smart Home. Experience the power of total home control.

  • "At first we chose the OAS total home solution for the security features, because it was wireless, and because the interface is so simple and it could be accessed from nearly any device. We had no idea how much more convenient the total solution could literally make our entire lives. Thank you so much OAS!"

People are always surprised when they learn how much an OAS total home automation solution can do, and how much you can truly control, and how easily from the palm of your hand. Get a 100% FREE consultation today, simply sign up to the right!

It’s Not Sci-Fi, It’s OAS

You don't have to be a sci-fi fan to appreciate just how convenient, and frankly how cool some of the home automation commonly imagined in the movies and books, would be in your own home. Well reality can be stranger than fiction, in this case more convenient than fiction. OAS truly offers a complete home automation system, lighting, your heating and cooling, audio, security and security cameras, locks for doors and garage doors, your shades, sensors, everything, all programmed, reprogrammed or changed right from the palm of your hand, from anywhere in the world, all on one of the simplest, most user-friendly interfaces in the market. And OAS brings you all of this in a single system installed quick, easy and with little or no home rewiring. You really do need to see it to believe it.

How Does OAS Smart Home Total Control Work?

In a word, brilliantly. OAS offers the complete package when it comes to home automation; Lighting (including your shades and how much sun is let into your home), every aspect of your HVAC, audio in every room (individual rooms, complete home, whatever you need), door and garage door locks, security cameras, sensors—literally every aspect of your home.

We take all of these solutions and seamlessly integrate them into a wireless solution you can access securely from nearly any electronic device including your smartphone, Tablet, PC, laptop and just about anything else you can imagine.

And unlike the competition, OAS does all of this with little or no rewiring of your home. It’s faster, safer and more convenient. Plus avoiding all of that home rewiring saves you money on installation.

You can get all of the details or our complete Home Automation solution and how every aspect is controlled from nearly any device. Sign up for a FREE consultation today. We never share your information and we never send you spam. What are you waiting for!

Benefits of OAS Total Control Home Automation

We make it so simple that nearly anyone in your household will be able to control almost every aspect of your home almost immediately.

  • – Our interface is intuitive and easy. The problem with most home automation solutions is that it looks like it was built by a programmer. If all you know how to do is turn on a computer and talk on a cell phone, you’ll still be able to use every aspect of our total home automation system.
  • – You're not stuck with a wall display, and you aren't limited by a couple of computers when accessing and reprogramming your automation. Do everything from just about any device.
  • – Worried about where you can access the system from? Don’t be. Anywhere you can use a cell phone or access the internet you will have full control. When we say convenient we mean it.
  • – We don't sell "total control wirelessly from anywhere" for only one or two aspects of home automation like many of the other companies out there. We literally mean anything you can automate in your home can be controlled this way; lights, HVAC, all aspects of security including door locks and cameras, audio, literally everything.

Why Wireless?

The obvious reason is that it makes your life simpler. Wireless home automation means that installation is much faster and a lot less expensive. Beyond the obvious is where the true benefits lie. Fewer wires mean less human error in installation. It means more control and more control from more places. With OAS more places means just about anywhere in the world. It's more than wireless installation, it is wireless control. What good is a home security system if you can't adjust it when you’re not at home? How convenient is an indoor interface to unlock your doors when you’re outside and don’t have keys to get to it?

OAS doesn't just slap wi-fi onto otherwise wired home automation solutions, we've built home automation to be wireless from the ground up. This means our system is faster, easier, more convenient, and saves you time and money when it comes to installation. In fact the amount of wiring we actually need to do is so minimal we can often bring you the entire home automation solution in a single day.

When we say control everything from anywhere we mean it. Beyond the home automation hype is OAS with real solutions. It only looks like it's from the future.

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Oakwood Automation Systems

OAS is a cutting-edge home automation company offering customers in the Long Island, New York area and around the country, the highest quality home automation with the most intuitive control system, all for a very competitive price. We’ve been at the forefront of home automation for years, always offering simpler, more convenient solutions, making the highest technology so easy to use that your entire household will be comfortable controlling virtually everything in your home. You can do all of this from a smartphone, laptop, Tablet, and just about any device. Find out why more and more people are switching to OAS for home automation.

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The benefits of OAS Home Automation Total Control are nearly endless. Learn more and find out how life can be safer, easier and more convenient, and how we can make it happen fast. Get a FREE consultation today!